Thermo1 Temperature Scanner

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Thermo1 is an advanced thermal temperature scanner. A contactless facial thermometer designed for effective disease control within the workplace or any space with high footfall. Supported by the latest thermal imaging lens technology and sophisticated temperature calculation algorithms, it takes fast and highly accurate readings (+ or - 0.3 degrees C) in a safe and non-intrusive approach.

As we know, a key indicator of Coronavirus infection is a raised body temperature. The difficulty is that individuals may not even be aware they have the virus or that their body temperature is high. With businesses and organisations relying on staff coming to work, the risk of spreading the virus remains extremely high. Therefore, we must do everything in our power to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Thermo1 is a step in the right direction to protecting the public, employees, and your business.

Product Summary

    • Advanced thermal temperature scanner
    • Contactless facial thermometer
    • Latest thermal imaging technology
    • Sophisticated temperature calculation
    • Accurate readings (+ or - 0.3 degrees C)