Covid-19 Risk Assessment

At ShieldWorks we are dedicated to helping you keep your business and it’s staff safe and well from the risks posed by Coronavirus, in particular now as companies are starting the uncertain journey back to work with new ways of working.

We can provide the following services to help you prepare for how to keep your employees safe along with implementing the right steps.

1. Risk Assessments
2. Roll out company guidelines & training the workforce
3. Implementation of revised safety measures

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We can help you perform a detailed risk assessment.

All UK employers, whether you are a small, medium or large business have duties to provide a safe place of work and general duty of care for anyone accessing or using their place of business. This includes carrying out a risk assessment to identify risks and implementation of measure to minimise these risks. Under the current Coronavirus situation the UK government have published guidelines on the safe return to work, including the expectation that all employers with 50 or more staff should publish Covid-19 risk assessments.

At ShieldWorks our Risk Practitioners have 15 years experience in Risk Management, their expertise and best practices will help you risk assess and move quickly to get the revised safety measures in place in your business.

We help you to act fast! Our risk assessment is a four step process that can be done on site with a senior member of your business. These are the things that we consider specifically to control the spread of coronavirus.

Update company procedures and roll out to staff

The UK government mandated that in addition to a risk assessment that is published to all employees, a business should update its health and safety policies and procedures based on the assessment.

We can update your company documentation and share this with employees including communication, webinar or in person training to support the roll-out of new procedures.